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Poolside Wine Academy: Australia and New Zealand Part 1
Youngstown Country Club (Friday June 16 - 7pm)
Five wines with Tapas dinner courses $50
Wine Tasting Only: $25
Would you like to make a dinner reservation for immediately following the event?

Brian Fry, Drinks Columnist for The Youngstown Vindicator and Blogger for Valley Food

President and Founder, Valley Vino Wine Club, whose mission is to bring valley wine and food lovers together at least twice a month at locally owned restaurants and clubs for a great evening of food and wine. Once a month his wine and beer features will appear in The Vindicator. And on vindy.com, you can keep pace with Brian’s tastes and travels 24/7.

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Wine Academy
Enjoy a great night of wine and dinner pairings.
Guests taste five wines with Tapas dinner courses.
A different theme and restaurant every month.
Learn the art of pairing wine and food
Tickets usually $50 per person (may vary)


Wine 101 Tasting Seminar
Taste and learn about the world of wine
Guests taste four wines with a cheese and fruit plate
An in-depth review of a specific region or country
Tickets usually $30 per person (may vary)

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The Valley Vino Club is dedicated to bringing valley wine lovers together for a great evening of wine and food at locally owned restaurants and clubs.

We meet at independently owned and operated restaurants at least twice a month. Check out our event schedule and list of partners and join us soon for a great evening! Join Today >>>

The featured benefits of the club are:

  • Membership's are 100% free to join
  • No monthly minimums or financial commitment
  • Tastings are $20 to taste five wines and what you spend on appetizers and dinner is up to you!
  • Event Descriptions | Click Here

The club was founded on a "try before you buy" philosophy. You can pick your favorites from the events you attend and order them at or near state minimum prices through our partner restaurants.

We also offer services including personalized tastings, weddings or other large functions, corporate events, and restaurant wine consulting services. Contact us today to arrange a meeting and let us plan your event for you or assist you in any way we can.


Vindy.com || Drink Stories

This is the third in a series of five articles chronicling my trip to Australia and New Zealand wine country. Today’s article focuses on Australia’s most well-known and historic region: The Barossa Valley.
This feature is part of the continuing series on my travels to the wine regions of New Zealand and Australia.
There are a lot of restaurants, wine shops and independent grocery stores who want to differentiate themselves in their customers’ minds,” he says. “So they look to offer some things that are a little bit different.
This article is the first of four print features and six blogs based on my recent trip to Australia, New Zealand and Japan.
The group is comprised of craft breweries from Columbiana, Lawrence, Mahoning, Mercer and Trumbull counties.
Patrons of Biketown Harley-Davidson, 5700 Interstate Blvd., are accustomed to putting many of their senses to good use.
I first met Michael Alberini in the fall of 2007. I was just starting my wine career as a sales
There are a lot of great things happening globally in the wine industry these days.
It’s that time of year again. Most people in our Valley will be venturing to local stores in search of one of the most iconic symbols of celebration: the bottle of Champagne or sparkling wine.
The holidays are here, and most of us will be gathering with family and friends Thursday for the traditional Thanksgiving feast. The traditional foods we eat offer the chance to select a wide array of wines that should allow us to have something for most wine lovers.
The Youngstown Symphony Orchestra is celebrating its 90th year in 2016 and has chosen an interesting theme to celebrate the occasion. The symphony will perform music from several countries that were the original home of our Valley’s immigrants.
If you’ve been shopping for beer lately, you’ve likely noticed a dramatic change in the kind of beer being displayed and promoted at your favorite local retailer. The summer beers and ales are now replaced with suds that seem more appropriate for football tailgating and Halloween parties.
Local wine lovers are preparing for another type of tour with the help of Master Sommelier Mattthew Citriglia.
He travels the world lecturing, tasting wines, and helping people gain a better understanding of what they are drinking.
Summer is approaching fast and soon our activities move outside to backyards, patios, swimming
I first met Tony Bellatto in the fall of 2007. I had just started in my position of fine wine specialist for Ohio Wine and Beverage and Bellatto was managing the Havana House in Niles. He and I didn’t know it at the time, but we were both at the beginning of an incredible journey through the world of wine.
Wine has had a place at dinner tables around the world since the beginning of recorded history. Most early cultures regarded wine as a healthy beverage and it was often cited as offering medicinal benefits.
When wine experts from around the world convene and discuss the list of the world’s greatest wineries, there is rarely uniform agreement.
Molly Meeker’s journey from the Mahoning Valley to Southern California is not all that unusual, and in some ways is a story replicated in small communities throughout America. Small town kid goes off to California looking for a job in the movies or television.