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    Wine Academy
    Avalon Golf
    and Country Club
    at Squaw Creek
    An Evening with Rombauer Vineyards 
    May 15th

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  • Christophers Downtown  

    "Vino In The City"
    at Christopher's Downtown
    Five Amazing Value Wines from Around The World
    Friday September 5th 6:30Pm

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  • rachels  

    "Local Vino Series"
    at Rachel's Westchester
    Ferrante Winery with a Special Guest From The Winery
    May 2nd 6:30PM

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    Discovery Series
    Station Square Ristorante

    An Evening With Montevina Winery

    June 12th,

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    G.H MUMM

    The Collection:

    The Classics
    - Cordon Rouge
    - Le Rosé
    - Le Demi-Sec
    - Le Millésimé
    The Grands Crus
    - Blanc de Blancs
    Cuvée R.Lalou
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    House of
    Perrier-Jouët has always focused on small-scale production, the wisdom of  the Cellar Master, handed down in secret.
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  • Brian Fry, Freelance writer and blogger for Valley Food

    Fry Brian200x155 t180President and Founder, Valley Vino Wine Club, whose mission is to bring valley wine and food lovers together at least twice a month at locally owned restaurants and clubs for a great evening of food and wine. Once a month his wine and beer features will appear in The Vindicator. And on vindy.com, you can keep pace with Brian’s tastes and travels 24/7.

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  • Avalon Golf and Country Club Major Announcement:

    avalonWe are pleased to announce that Valley Vino President and Founder Brian Fry has been hired as The Wine Director for Avalon Golf and Country Club. Valley Vino will be doing events at Avalon's Buhl Park and Squaw Creek properties beginning in January of 2013. Stay tuned for more details on this exciting new partnership!

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valley vino club logo

The Valley Vino Club is dedicated to bringing valley wine lovers together for a great evening of wine and food at locally owned restaurants and clubs.

We meet at independently owned and operated restaurants at least twice a month. Check out our event schedule and list of partners and join us soon for a great evening! Join Today >>>

The featured benefits of the club are:

  • Membership's are 100% free to join
  • No monthly minimums or financial commitment
  • Tastings are $20 to taste five wines and what you spend on appetizers and dinner is up to you!
  • Event Descriptions | Click Here
The club was founded on a "try before you buy" philosophy. You can pick your favorites from the events you attend and order them at or near state minimum prices through our partner restaurants.
We also offer services including personalized tastings, weddings or other large functions, corporate events, and restaurant wine consulting services. Contact us today to arrange a meeting and let us plan your event for you or assist you in any way we can.

Partner Restaurants:

Avalon Golf and Country Club
One Membership • One Club • Three Fabulous Facilities

Station Square Ristorante has been serving the youngstown comminuty since 1986. Our menu features steaks, seafood, pasta, chicken, veal, and fish, along with a number of great appetizers, sandwhiches, and salads.


  • Ooh La La! Five Beautiful French Wines

    We Americans have several hang ups regarding the French and their wonderful wines.

    Here's a little history on the subject:

    1. There has been a strong anti-French political bias in this country dating back to the first gulf war. Some people even went so far as to start eating "American Fries" with their burgers and milkshakes.

  • Five Exceptional Spanish Wines Showcased Locally Thursday Night

    Spain's place near the top of the wine world is undisputed around the globe. Their winemaking traditions go back centuries and wine is a huge part of Spanish culture on several levels. The diversity of the varietal offerings and vinification styles make Spain a wonderful place to investigate wine.

  • Deschutes Brewery Comes to Ohio

    It seems thee is a new craft beer available in our Valley just about every week. There is no doubt that the craft beer category is continuing a two year explosion that seems to have no end. One of the cool things about craft beer is that there are so many great, well established breweries still out there to be discovered. Deschutes Brewery is one of those "new" craft beers just arriving in our state.

  • Good brews travel fast

    Good brews travel fast

    Valley craft beer lovers are celebrating the arrival of New Belgium Brewing Company to the Buckeye state. The Fort Collins, Colo.-based brewery has long been regarded as one of the forefathers of the craft beer movement. Until recently you had to travel west to enjoy its beer, but that all changed in the past month as the Superior Beverage Group began distributing New Belgium’s legendary Fat Tire Ale and two other beers across the state.

  • Five Great Pinot Noir Values

    California Pinot Noir prices have been steadily climbing over the last ten years. High demand is part of the equation, but it's also more challenging to grow the delicate grape in some regions due to the increasingly warmer growing season. Whatever the reasons for the price increases, you have to look a little longer and shop a little smarter to find some good ones at resonable prices.

    I recently tasted about twenty California Pinots in the $12-$25 price range. Many of them were run of the mill or even flat out dissapointing, but there were a few standouts. Here's a list of five that I think you'll enjoy without spending too much money.

  • Viva Vino Italiano!

    Italian wine events are quite popular in our Valley and there are usually several throughout the course of a calendar year. One of the challenges for the people organizing these events is to find a way to make their event stand out. Local wine club Valley Vino and the folks at Avalon Golf and Country Club, believe they are offering something truly unique.

  • Wine pioneer retires with glass half full

    Wine pioneer retires with glass half full

    The Valley’s local wine industry is losing one of its longest tenured and most respected members today as Tony Galose retires from Tri County Distributing after more than 40 years in the business. Galose was actively involved in helping to shape the current Valley wine scene in both the retail and restaurant settings.

  • 2014 Wine Event Preview

    Local wine club Valley Vino had a tremendous year in 2013. The new partnership with Avalon Golf and Country Club proved to be a huge success. The attendance at the monthly Wine Academy events exceeded everyone's expectations. Station Square Ristorante and Valley Vino co-hosted five excellent events, including two on their beautiful Tuscan Patio. Here's a look at some of what is to come in 2014:

    Avalon Golf and Country Club

  • Top Ten Wines of 2013

    Happy holidays to all of the Drinks Blog readers. It's been a really fun year of tasting wines and writing about them in The Vindicator and on vindy.com/valleyfood. Here are the best ten wines I tasted this year:

    10. NV Dandelion Vineyards "Lion's Tooth of McClaren Vale" Shiraz $25

  • Top Ten Value Wines of 2013

    When I first founded Valley Vino Wine Club our mission was simple. Bring people together to enjoy five wines they probably hadn't tried before,priced $10-$20, and that represented incredible quality at their price point. We worked with Chefs to pair the wines with dinner courses, making for an enjoyable and affordable evening for everyone.